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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas Edison

ino3W is a global water technology jump start validation accelerator, comprised of a select group of global partners, all dedicated to optimizing water related operations while minimizing environmental impacts.

ino3W◌ͫ  validation accelerator consists of a select group of ten global partners, one per country, all leading global municipal water utilities

ino3W◌ͥ  validation accelerator consists of a select group of industrial partners, one per sector, all leading global industrial conglomerates

ino3W partners share a mutual objective, gain first access to game changing technologies enabling them to improve operational efficiency.

ino3W is structured on three key pillars:

  • “Early adopters network” : A global network of leading innovation oriented partners.
  • “Jump start validation” : Faster connection from POC to early market validation adopters.
  • “Fast track commercialization accelerator” : Faster time from early validation adopters to market.

ino3W is a new commercialization platform of global leading water users, who share the challenges they face and the solutions they seek, for a more efficient “tomorrow,” with global technology providers and entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

ino3W seeks to capitalize on the market position, innovative leadership and global network of our water global partners, in order to assist innovative water related technology companies to accelerate global commercialization.

We support game changers, who eagerly pursue large market opportunities.

ino3W partners up with exceptional entrepreneurs in structuring their vision.

Innovation Partners

To further expand ino3W exposure to water entrepreneurs in key global water hubs, ino3W is also structuring a global network of innovation partners.

Our innovation partners are leading national or regional organizations, helping to advance new solutions which address key water challenges both in municipal and industrial sectors.

The key objective in building this cooperation is introduce a new platform to enable more water innovations to reach faster global impact.

ino3W – Driving water innovation through global collaboration.

This “win-win” synergy is all about capitalizing on global water opportunities while driving local economic growth.


Management is all about managing in the short term, while developing the plans for the long term.
Jack Welch

Core management, technology screening and commercialization guidance for technology companies, are provided by our managing partner. Strong support from a highly experienced Scientific Advisory Board will advance ino3W partners and technology companies to reach their objectives more efficiently.

Advisory Board

A Scientific Advisory Board will assist ino3W in attaining its objectives.
The Scientific Advisory Board will include representatives from all ino3W partners (one representative per partner). In addition select members of international water research community will serve on the advisory board. Mark LeChevallier Ph.D. (Director, Innovation & Environmental Stewardship, American Water) will serve as the first Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Mark LeChevallier Ph.D.


Director, Innovation & Environmental Stewardship, American Water